Thursday, June 2, 2011

sadness, but im not REALLY sure why...

The Maz and i leave for WA in 7 days arriving in good ol' Bellingham in 8. i am VERY excited to see my family, but sad about leaving my family here. we won't be with jakey on fathers day. he's totally ok with this since he has to work anyway, but it still sucks. And i won't get to see my awesome AWESOME friend Mrs. J til we get back. Which is in July. other than my family, HER little family makes my life awesome. the laughs we share are some of the best i have had. we have the same sense of humor. i love her little girl something fierce, and her husband is so awesome. her boy is just an amazing kid, smart and kind and just... awesome. I love them! they are an extension of my own family, and i don't want it any other way.

wow, im gushing. but this is why i don't want to go. ill miss my friend, my husband, my family being together. we will have an AMAZING time as always! so i guess it's just part of that give and take you do in life. I love my husband so much for understanding how i need this time with my dad every year, and that he never makes me feel guilty for taking his kid from him for weeks at a time.

ive slowly been getting things together, so i don't have to rush around last minute. this is SO unlike me.  but i know ill get packed at last minute. since i have like exactly three shirts and two pair of pants to bring. god i love being poor! :)

coffee is kicking in, so im gonna actually be productive... or play video games. what to do what to do...

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  1. Ahhhh! You will have such a good time! I will miss you but can't wait to hear the stories of all the fun stuff you are going to do with your Dad!