Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday. Random. Here I go!


it's Tuesday. And here i thought it was Monday til i heard banging at my door at 9:35 then shot up realizing it was Tuesday and Maz has speech therapy. Fail mommy. Major fail. Then again, kid fails cuz she was still asleep at 9:35! doesn't she realize SHE is my alarm clock??? what a way to start the day.

Random is the key word about the friggin weather here. by now it should be AT LEAST 80 degrees EVERY day. instead for memorial day weekend we got highs of 50 and hail in the city. SNOW IN THE FOOTHILLS. what... the...fuck. I hate you northern Nevada. I WANT MY SUMMER ALREADY!

my kid calls chalk cock. and i giggle every time. it kinda makes me happy. what can i say? I'm really 12 inside.

i really need to blog more. I'm going to be going on a trip with the maz in 9 days up to WA to see my dad. will be gone for a little over three weeks. ill have lots to share when not camping!! so hopefully ill remember to blog every once in a while. i really want too.

iced coffee is amazing. i don't quite understand how i am not such a big fan of hot coffee (unless I'm camping) but iced coffee is ALWAYS in my fridge. i think my coffee maker and fridge love me and put magic in my iced coffee while it's cooling. that must be it.

I hate teenagers. like, a lot. all the teens i seem to run into are brats and think that the world owes them everything. and it doesn't matter if they are from rich families or poor families. I really hope that my kid doesn't end up that way, i was a little asshole sometimes, but my dad made sure that i was ALWAYS respectful to adults and that i knew what i had was special. i was never one of those kids who EXPECTED things. if i got things it was earned in some way. I don't get it.

my husband can't cook worth shit. but MAN he knows his way around a BBQ. For some reason it gets me all excited (in the pants like). I'm weird.

saw glee live with my bestie a week ago. it was amazing. i felt 13 again! singing to all the songs, screaming at the top of my lungs "I LOVE YOU PUCKERMAN!" stalking the celeb tour buses and freaking out when i got high fived by a Warbler. it was awesome.

speaking of warblers, every time i hear this word it makes me think of someone with balls in their mouth singing around them. kinda like a hummer, but with words. this ALSO makes me giggle.

not much randomness this week. oh well! we can't all be in top form ALL the time!

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  1. Teenagers do suck. Tweens as well. Dramatic little cows that think people OWE them...spare me.