Monday, March 14, 2011

breakfast and bypass...

Once a week, we do Sunday morning breakfast. it never falls on a Sunday. it's designated for hubby's 2nd day off a week, he gets up and makes us bacon, eggs and hash browns. We sit as a family, watch cartoons with the kid and just generally have a good time.

this is a day i ALWAYS look forward too. (he makes killer hash browns)

the sun has been out more than usual the last few days. We ended up going to the park, where Maz (said child) proceeded to stalk this 6 year old boy and his red rubber ball. Kids are pretty funny. She kept yelling "Ball? Ball?" and the older boy refused to let it go, EVEN with his mom and dad calling him a pussy (in Spanish) which i found UTTERLY hilarious. Maybe i shouldn't have, the kid is probably going to grow up with a complex... but i mean come on. he's intimidated by a 2 year old?? he finally gave it up, she threw it and he went running after it ONLY to go hide in his dad's lap once he had the ball safely in his possession.

good times.

good friends J and B are coming with their spawn (awesome kids, both of them) for Tuesday night dinner.
this makes my taste buds happy, and scares my husband because my body ALWAYS rebels this delicious feast. Gas. I get it, and i get it BAD.

Little back story, 6 years ago i had gastric bypass surgery. i was 25, over 400 lbs and a fucking wreck. I knew i would eat myself to death or kill myself before i hit 30. this wasn't a maybe, i knew it as fact. So i changed it. and I'm glad i did. (ill go into why and when and how later, in another update) one awesome side effect: HORRID GAS. it's great, but ONLY when I'm in the comfort of my own home. it's horrid. i can't filter food, so it's probably one of the worst smells on the planet. (OK, maybe not, but it's pretty high up there) My husband has a super sensitive sense of smell and on THREE occasions i have made hubby puke. Yup. the power of my colon has the ability to make others throw up. it's a super power, and one day i SWEAR it's gonna do something for me. (i giggle and think of pee wee's character the Spleen in Mystery Men... it makes me happy)

I'm a gross girl. Super gross. I fart, i burp, I scratch myself, and i make no apologies for it. Then again, in public i have super manners, so it's almost like i have multiple personalities. but it works for me.

I just realized, i rarely capitalize my I's.... maybe it's my low self esteem showing? not important enough for a BIG i... i give myself little ones.

breakfast smells good... I'm excited to eat.

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  1. I love that your gas makes your hubby vomit.
    It makes me love you more!