Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gamer girl

I'm a gamer. this means i play video games. A LOT. MMO's to be exact, although i have played my fair share of console games. I used to manage a video game store. I met my husband while gaming. it's a part of my life, and i love it. That being said, i can now go into my actual post.

the problem with gaming is that there are far too many social retards that play as well. it's safe behind the computer screen. no one to see you in your jammies with messy hair and coffee breath. you have a voice in games, when in real life you may not. you can be someone else or be who you truly are. Sometimes people loose their internal sensor. most times boys who get picked on in life, act WORSE than the assholes that pick on them. the Mom in me wants to hug them and tell them it gets easier, and the other mom in me wants to beat some ass.

I don't sensor my true self in games. I spent far to much of my life pretending to be someone else. I am pretty much a what you see is what you get  type of gal. I do have manners and i know when it's appropriate to act like my true self and when it's better to shut the fuck up and just listen. in real life, if i don't know you, i guard who i am. but when i feel comfortable, all bets are off. I'm funny. i am kind. I love my life. i love my family and my friends. I am fiercely loyal. I refuse to put up with bullshit.

I have this fault. and it's trying to make people be better and correct fucked up actions they have made. The problem is.. i care and i probably shouldn't. I get into arguments online A LOT because i want people to be better people, to stop bitching and see what is GOOD instead of always the negative. Maybe i shouldn't care, but i do. i also want to be liked. by EVERYONE. I wish i didn't, but i do. i care about people not liking me. usually it's because they don't give me a chance, but it still hurts deep down.

maybe it's something for me to work on, lord knows i have tried in the past a TON. maybe it's just part of who i am and i need to get used to it and not hide from it...

In the mean time, I'll continue to try and correct stupidity in game. It won't work, but it will be fun trying :)

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