Thursday, May 5, 2011

busy day, fun filled night!

Holy crap. i have followers! HI FOLLOWERS!!!! *wave*

So yesterday, Mr. Sexyman and i, (apparently his title changes depending on how happy i am or something, work with me here people!) invited people over to the house for dinner before asking each other. Which is totally fine, the more the merrier in my opinion! that being said, we are having 7 POSSIBLY 8 people over for BBQ chicken tonight, in our tiny ass apartment. the Maz and her partner in crime, little C, have been having so much fun together, that they should ALONE be good entertainment. That being said, i have a SHITLOAD of potato salad to make. Which also means i have to go to the store ASAP cuz i need eggs. Mrs J inspired me to make a bucket of egg salad the other day and i kinda forgot that i needed eggs til about 30 min ago.

After the BBQ, Mr Sexyman is having Nerd Night. This is when our geeky boy buddies come over and they play some sort of nerdy game. D&D, Shadowrun, nerdy boardgames, whatever they decide to do. In the past, I have just sat in front of my computer and played whatever MMO i am currently sucked into. Lately it's been Rift (which is amazing, and i love it) but we have decided as a couple (thanks to the amazing advice and help of Mrs. J) that we need to work on US. Part of which is me meeting Mr. Sexyman's needs and doing things with him. So, I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, and going to be sitting around the coffee table and role playing with my man and our geeky friends. I'm a little nervous, i don't exactly roll play well. BUT i also don't want to be 50 years old, and look over at my husband and realize i don't know him and have very little in common with him. So i am going to try. that's all i can do, right?

oh shit, i just realized that today is Cinco de Mayo. Which honestly means nothing in Mexico. it's NOT their Independence day, it's actually the day they beat the French's ass in the battle for Puebla. and they dont' celebrate in Mexico. SO, I'm thinking just a shit ton of Texans wanted another reason to party, kill a huge cow and eat it. That's enough reason for me! Mmmmm beef....

I just asked the Maz if she wanted to go to the store to get eggs. She said: "Egg? Ya! Sure! Great!" and jumped up from the table and slid into her little crocs. Man i love her cute little butt, she's so funny!

tonight is gonna be fun, can't WAIT!


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