Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chipper McChipperson is in the hizzouse!

days like these i actually hate myself a little for being in such a good mood. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, it's not yet 1000000 degrees in la casa... Little Maz is a happy camper. Life is good. 

I LOVE to cook. I actually was going to go to culinary school, but then i got knocked up. At that point i realized i didn't want to take the fun out of cooking for me. i want to learn to cook for my family and friends, not as a job. PLUS the hours a chef puts in are insane, and i wasn't about to let my new family be neglected like that. So i watched a SHIT TON of food network, read a craptastic amount of cooking websites, and tinkered with recipes. Apparently, i do pretty well. Cooking for other people makes me so happy. When there is NO food left over because everyone ate it all, my little heart sings. Cooking is bliss.

last night i tried a new recipe, which is hard for me to do because i hate failing. I'm a kitchen perfectionist. The first time i cook a new dish, i kinda get a little panicky because if it isn't good, not only did i FAIL, but i wasted all that food. ANYWAY, i made balsamic and onion chicken thighs. holy shit. it was like heaven in my mouth. and THAT is saying a lot!

reading back, I'm not exactly sure where i was going with this post. Meh... nothin like airing out the old brain now and then!

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