Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wild and crazy!

the last two days have been OH so good! dinner TWO nights in a row with the Jared's and their kiddo's. it's amazing to see two little girls play together, they are both just so cute! it's neat, because they are both so different, C is very lovey and can get so emotional (and it's about the CUTEST THING EVER) and she loves to snuggle me, which i miss out on with little maz. Maz isn't a snuggler (except she loves to be with Mrs.J, which actually warms my heart, thought for sure i'd be jealous, but im not. it makes me feel good that maz loves her like that) the two of them get into trouble together. C is the muscle and the fun behind it and Maz is the sneaky planner.  little turd fell and busted her tooth into her lip, AGAIN.

i actually watched a UFC fight, and had a blast. all those buff mens in tight shorts (ok, i only like the ones in tight shorts, most of em wear baggy stuff, and honestly most are so beat up that i would need a bag for their heads anyway) eating good food with good friends and just generally having a blast with people. Im making a promise to myself right now, to spend more time with Mrs. J. I adore her, her family, and being around her makes me feel GOOD. i need more of that in my life. We click so well, we laugh at the same stuff, we are going through the same issues, it's just... nice. plus her husband seems to be able to put up with my shit, and i love her kids oh so much.

tonight possibly going to dinner with hubby's dad... i can't stand the man at all, but im trying very hard for him and the little one. hopefully the night ends well, and not in a shit storm of anger like i usually have.

think positive, and BE positive right? We will see...

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