Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fun Day!

Wow that title is sure chipper. and i don't really feel it yet, but I'm going for the power of positivity! (yeah yeah, that made me throw up a little too... I'm so not positive yet!)

was woken up at 7:30 by a cold ass water bottle being pressed into my warm as hell back. yeah, morning to you too, little maz. thanks for the lack of sleep. i appreciate it SO FRIGGIN MUCH.

I'm tired, and a little grumpy right now. so sue me. the coffee has yet to set in. bite my ass, world!

Last night, i stepped out of my comfort zone a little, and decided to participate in Nerd Night with Mr. Slim and Tall and his homeys. Yes, i said homeys. They play this game called Shadowrun. it's like Dungeons and Dragons but all futuristic and matrix like. you plug into machines and shit. it's actually pretty cool. I made a character, spent my points on spells and gear, and "role played" her. She is an elf shaman named Twyla Sanchez. she's also a junkie whore. and she's awesome.

before the drugged out whoring could begin, we had people over for dinner. BBQ chicken, potato salad and veggies. it was awesome. the more i am around our partner family in crime, the more i love them. T man, little C and MR. and Mrs. J are awesome. Love them to pieces, and am SO SO SO glad we met them.

off to see the nutritionist at WIC, apparently if your kid isn't a little fat ass, they think you starve them. Sorry bitch lady from hell who has NO kids of her own, my kid is very active and eats like a pig. HAVE YOU SEEN HER FATHER? Oh wait, you FUCKING HAVE. back off bitch, i don't starve my kid. (can you tell i hate this lady?) Afterwards, it's nap time, followed by a lunch at the park, then a little nightgown shopping for the Maz and a quick run to the grocery store. Followed by dinner and fun with my family. I love them.

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