Tuesday, May 17, 2011

thats right! IT"S TUESDAY!


I have been neglecting you, my little blog friend. Life has been busy and good, but it's Tuesday and i come to spread my randomness!!!

This one is from my husband, and it's a good one too. Why does Boots the monkey in Dora wear boots? and why red? Dude runs around nekkid except for his red boots. i wish i could do that.

it really pisses me off when i see people at the grocery store at the first of the month (welfare, food stamps) ahead of you in line with a whole cart overloaded with food. they bust out that handy dandy little food stamp card and get everything paid for with my husbands taxes (and all you other hard working people too) and i see them in the parking lot loading those groceries into A HUGE ESCALADE WITH 5000.00 RIMS AND TIRES. if you need food stamp money so bad, SELL THAT FUCKING LUXURY SUV YOU TOOLBAG!!!

I have been eating lots of egg salad lately. Thanks to inspiration from my dear friend Mrs. J. I think hubby is irritated, cuz the house smells like rotten egg salad.... from my farts. HAHAHAHAHA

i don't watch dancing with the stars, and now that it is almost over i realize i should have watched this season. and i have it on hulu, so maybe ill watch the whole thing. KARATE KID AND KRISTIE ALLEY??? omg! how did i miss this???

yesterday little Maz was watching me neaten up the couch. i was bent over it, and i feel these two little hands start to bongo on my butt. she yells in her sweet pixie like voice :  "BUTT BUTT BUTT!!! PEEEEE YEW!!!!" and proceeds to giggle her little head off. I really do love being her mom :)

I keep trying to make fried rice, tried different recipes and methods. they all taste super! but my problem is, it stays sticky and never separates like in the restaurants. it's really pissing me off, I JUST WANT PERFECT FRIED RICE FOR MY LEFTOVERS DAMMIT!!

I'm pissed off at the stupid weather. it should be a steady 75+ degrees here everyday by now. it was for about 4 days, then we go back to highs of 45. 60 degrees if we are lucky. I WANT MY HEAT ALREADY! i live in the desert for a reason dammit!

I just kinda woke up while typing. I knew i was gonna blog a little, but i literally just realized the things i have been rambling about. that is funny as hell! tired blogging makes for crazy blogging!!!



  1. LOVE this blog post!!!
    I cant stand the food stamp/Escalade drivers either. Drives me right round the bend.

    I use a rice steamer and get perfect rice every time. I bought mine second hand & its the best 10 bucks I ever spent. Perfect, fluffy , each-grain-separated rice. Makes awesome fried rice.

  2. rice steamer? ill have to check this out! thanks! and thanks so much for RTT!!!

  3. My two year old keeps pointing out that Boots does not wear a jacket in "Dora and the Chilly Day" when he wears a scarf and mittens, but Dora wears a jacket, as well as aforementioned items. Consistency, people!

    And I'm with you on your second point, too. Gah, so irritating!

    Happy RTT!

  4. You know, Princess Nagger and I have always wondered why Boots wears boots - and nothing else!! :)

    You definitely get much better rice consistency with a rice cooker/steamer - I've had mine for years and get perfect rice every time. Another trick is to rinse the rice before you cook it - just rinse it until the water runs clear, then add it to whatever pot you're cooking it in and the amount of water you need...that seems to help de-stickify it! ;)

    Isn't it fun being a mom? Especially when your butt can be a source of entertainment - and bongos. ;)

    Thanks for all the giggles - and for rockin' the random rebellion with me! :)

    Fun, Rain, DaGeDar and Legendary People - RTT Rebel

  5. The weather here blows!!! It was 80 degrees in Bishop and we come home to this..lame.
    You have an award waiting at my blog!